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2015-2016 Expenditure Report
Posted On:
Tuesday, October 04, 2016
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Program Report Code Summary
Object Code Summary

Wilson County Schools transferred $2,572,919 to the Low Wealth Supplemental Funding allotment from the following programs throughout the fiscal year:

  • Disadvantaged Students Supplemental Funding:  $822,926
  • Academically & Intellectually Gifted:  $619,912
  • Limited English Proficiency:  $460,891
  • At Risk Student Services:  $669,190

These transfers were made to maximize our flexibility in the funding of:

  • Teacher and support staff positions 
  • Supplementary pay 

The Classroom Instructional Supplies and Materials allotment was increased by $192,487 due to a transfer from the following allotment:

  • Textbooks:  $192,487

 The additional funds were used to supplement the existing Classroom Instructional Supplies allotment for the purchase of additional classroom supplies and materials.

 The CTE Program Support allotment was increased  by $62,455 due to a transfer from the following allotment:

  •  CTE Months of Employment:  $62,455

 Excess months of employment were used to purchase additional supplies and computer equipment for the CTE program